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Island Vacation 4

Hank started screwing Lauren hard, covering his enormous chicken in her little pussy with each stroke. He was squeezing her areolas hard making her eyes destroy. Each time he slapped one of her tits she'd groan uproariously and her small body would shiver. 

Lauren was done focusing on Jason so Amber took over sucking her children rooster, bringing him all they way down her throat while he was being screwed by Chris. 

As Hank siphoned irately into Lauren he squeezed and wound both of her areolas hard and Lauren started cumming violently. 

Everything was simply a lot for Jason. "I'm going to cum!" He moaned. 

Amber immediately pulled her children rooster out of her mouth and pushed it into the as yet shaking Lauren. When her lips contacted his cockerel he purged his balls into her mouth. Lauren drank up however much she could yet a decent sum had gotten away onto her jaw and nose, somewhat in any event, getting in her eyes. Chris was the close to arrive at climax as he filled Jason's guts with his cum. At the point when he took out he took care of his rooster to his daughter and she licked him clean. 

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